ReSOLVE [ri-zolv]

verb: find solution, convert, transform;  noun: decision, determination

synonyms: conclusion, courage, decidedness, fixed purpose, intention, objective, project, purpose, resolution, undertaking, answer, clear up, conclude

about  nicole

I am someone with many passions in this life. I do my best to bring them all together and to share my knowledge and experience with those I have the honor of working with in my massage practice. I feel like a sponge for all the world has to teach me and am very blessed to have have had the opportunity to travel to many places around the world, seeking knowledge and first hand experience with massage and natural medicines when possible.


I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Anthropology in Texas, but after moving to Portland in 1997 I became increasingly curious about natural health sciences. I started surrounding myself with people who felt the same and my life long journey began.


I graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts in 2002 with 650 hours of various massage therapy, anatomy, physiology and pathology courses. I then worked for almost 10 years in a very busy chiropractic clinic where I gained unparalleled experience with injured bodies. During that time, I developed my own practice which grew very quickly with a steady flow of loyal clients. I now have thousands of hours of practical knowledge and experience and have worked with some of the best chiropractors, doctors and acupuncturists in Portland. I was the first LMT hired by ZoomCare to pioneer a medical massage program which became very successful very quickly.

I feel honored to receive permission to work with the healing journey of each individual I see.

* My practice is welcoming to people of all races, religions, cultural backgrounds and genders and I have had the pleasure of working with people from many different walks of life. I consider myself a citizen of the world and one of my favorite things in life is meeting people who are different than me. Please be respectful to me and to others in my space and I will be respectful to you and will give you the best treatment possible.*



Thank you.


Bachelor of Arts

Texas Christian University, 1997


Fort Worth, Tx

Licensed Massage Therapist

East/West College of the Healing Arts, 2002

650 hour program

Portland, OR

Continuing Education in

Massage Therapy


Trigger point therapy

Deep tissue techniques

Structural integration techniques

Elderly massage

Cupping/facial cupping/gua sha

Pre-natal massage

Intra-oral TMJ massage certified

Medicinal Herbalist Training

Elderberry School of Botanical Medicine, 2010

300+ hours of materia medica, anatomy/physiology and pathology training

Portland, OR