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Simply the best

Teresa doesn't miss anything. Great communication, perfect pressure, magical hands..... So very lucky to have her work out the aches and pains. She is the best!

Dec 18 2021, Scott L

Say yes to self care

I’ve had some mediocre massages so I was thrilled when a coworker referred me to Teresa. I’ve always treated massage as a treat, but as a health care worker during crazy times, I’m learning it’s sanity saving! I felt immediately at ease with Theresa. She is skilled, intuitive and friendly while knowing when I just need to "check out".

Nov 17 2021, STEFFANIE F

Teresa is great!

I was so sad that Nicole was moving from the Portland practice. Thank god Teresa is amazing! She does great bodywork. I always feel so good after I see her. Highly recommend!

Sep 21 2021, Lizzy S

Teresa LMT's work very thoroughly on injured and strained body areas

If one has strained a body part/area or injury has occurred the discussion will be how to treat and help heal the area. But also how to relieve the pain or discomforts. This conversation takes place right in the beginning of one's visit and that information is part of the massage treatment. Afterwards I feel relief and looser in all joints, and body areas. Such a fast response from my own body system is amazing.

Sep 4 2021, Edna Z

I’ve found my new massage therapist!

This was the first visit I had with Nicole and I will definitely be back. It had been a while since my last massage and Nicole did not disappoint. She was spot on with the pressure and even used techniques I have not had done before. She is very knowledgeable and up to date on trainings and new practices. I would highly recommend this group!

Sep 20 2021, Mac F

Fantastic massage!

I loved my massage from Nicole, she addressed my needs and I felt great afterwards, relaxed and happy.

Aug 28 2021, Leslie L

Wonderful therapeutic massage

Nicole is knowledgable and very skillful in her work-I have seen her several times and it has help my pain significantly. She is a wonderful body worker.

May 14 2018, gaby d


I have never found a better massage therapist than Nicole. Her skills are off the charts. I can't recommend her enough!

Feb 12 2021, Brooke M

Amazing results and relaxation

One of the very best massages of my life. She has some wonderful neck work techniques that really helped get me feeling back to normal (well better than normal). I highly recommend Nicole for her technique, skill and pressure. She's also a lovely human.

Aug 9 2021, L.J.

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